Campaigns Update: February 2020

Ballot Bake Off!

One of our reps has done a bit of baking with a specialised topping…

He used a company called Eat Your Photo.

“They went down really well. They were a useful way to remind people to vote.

If you would like to so something like this we can reimburse the cost – here is an image of the artwork you can send them: TH-NEU-ballot-sticker-PRINT

Another of our reps has sent this photo in of ballots completed by members in her school. She tells us 100% of ballots have now been sent off.



Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 09.07.32

We are aware that a letter is being circulated in schools which wrongly suggests that proposed changes to terms and conditions will not affect school staff and that our ballot may be unlawful.

Please reassure NEU colleagues that our ballot is entirely lawful, and that I am in regular contact with the relevant staff at NEU HQ throughout this process.

We are balloting because Tower Hamlets, as our employer, is asking schools to consider adopting the proposals in Tower Rewards, which will worsen our contractual terms and conditions. They are doing this without consulting the NEU, or other unions, via our established negotiating forum. Unison are also balloting their members, including school support staff – NEU and Unison are the two largest unions in Tower Hamlets.

The circulation of this letter is a deliberate attempt to cause confusion and our best response is to build the strongest possible vote in our ballot, which I know you are doing.
Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 09.07.38

12 VOTES = 1%

Remember, just 12 votes is all it takes to increase the vote by 1%, so please do everything you can to build the vote stage by stage – here are some ideas:

  • staffroom ballot box – make a ballot box for the staffroom or for your meeting
  • baking for ballots – one Rep baked brownies to give to members in return for their completed ballot paper
  • NEU visit to the post box – organise a lunchtime or after school visit for NEU members to post their ballots together – send us a photo
  • I voted Yes photos – please print off copies of the attached sign and take a photo in your school meeting for us to share


Please try to keep a tally of how many people have voted in your school and let me know on the Friday of each week – this will help us target some of our energies.
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