Coronavirus Update: 25th March 2020

Reps Video Drop in

You are invited to take part in a Reps Video Drop-In on Friday 27th March @ 4pm-5pm.
MEETING ID: 614-115-7814

General Guidance and Advice

A reminder that NEU advice is that the following people should be staying at home:

·       those who have developed a consistent cough or fever

·       those who are in one of the vulnerable groups identified by the government

·       those who live with, or care for someone, in one of the vulnerable groups

We are also advising against using public transport in order to decrease the risk of spreading the virus.

Children in schools

The information we have is that there are small numbers of children attending schools this week and that most schools are keeping staffing to a minimum. The Local Authority plans to keep the current arrangements in place until Easter and then, if the numbers seem constant, to consider moving to a “hub system” based in neighbourhoods.
Our view is that a hub system would need to establish a maximum number of children and minimum staffing levels. We will keep you posted about discussions on this.
Please do keep us updated about your school, especially if you have any concerns you would like us to raise.

Easter Opening

The situation with Easter opening is still not clear. Tower Hamlets will be running their normal holiday provision but it may be that some schools are asked to remain open. The NEU position is that working at Easter must be voluntary and staff should either be paid for this or have the equivalent time designated as the holiday either before or after the break. More news on this as we get it.

Home Working

Where people are working at home we believe that they should be trusted to do this. It is reasonable to ask staff to check in by email or to take part in conference calls.
We do not think staff should be expected to be online all day or to provide a daily log of their work. If you have any concerns about this please contact us.

Keep in touch with NEU members

As this situation develops NEU members will have many questions, so please do make sure you find ways of keeping in touch and letting us know if there anything we can do.
Don’t forget you can find updated advice on the NEU website
Thanks for all you are doing to support NEU members in your school.
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