Coronavirus Update: 3rd April 2020

Today would have been the last day of term in Tower Hamlets schools and we hope that you and other colleagues will be able to get some well earned rest.
The last two weeks have been incredibly challenging for school staff and we know that there has been some fantastic efforts made across Tower Hamlets to meet the needs of the children and families in our schools.
The NEU has been working hard to provide updated advice and guidance for members and as a result of our work the Union has gained over 5,000 new members and over 250 new school Reps since March 21st.
Most schools are closing over Easter, although some  schools are remaining open to provide childcare for vulnerable children or children of key workers. Where schools are open over Easter, staffing should be on a voluntary basis and every effort should be made to ensure that all staff have a designated two week holiday.
It now looks like schools will not go back for most, if not all,of next term so we will be working with the LA and heads to make sure workable plans are in place for the next period. It’s possible that the number of children in schools will increase nest term. It will continue to be important that NEU Reps are involved in any decision making.
Some consideration is being given to setting up hubs, grouping small numbers of children together from neighbouring schools. See this link for some NEU guidance for some NEU guidance on hubs – please have a look at this, discuss it with your headteacher, and get in touch if this is being discussed in your school.
We have had some queries about working from home and what are reasonable expectations. Here is the NEU guidance but do get in touch if there are concerns about this at your school.
Many of us will be anxious about how our most vulnerable children are getting on and it is important that measures are in place to support them. In doing this it is also important that school staff are not expected to substitute for social workers or welfare officers. The NEU has issued some guidance on this.
We would like Reps to join us for a Zoom meeting after the Easter break and will send you details of this on Monday 20th April.
Please stay safe and look after your loved ones – and have as good a break as you possibly can.
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