Coronavirus Crisis Primary Workplace Checklist

Coronavrius Workplace Checklist

The NEU has worked together with other education unions (Unite, GMB and Unison) to produce this Joint Union checklist for use in discussions with your head about what schools need to do in order to begin reopening safely for wider groups of children:

Coronavirus Workplace checklist

We will be sending this to the Local Authority and headteachers.

Reopening of schools

June 1st is an arbitrary date set by the government and the NEU believes that schools should not rushing to meet this deadline. LBTH have written to heads to say:

“we are not expecting schools to be open for all children in years 6, 1 and Reception from the 1st of June. We are committed to working with you and the school workforce unions to find a realistic and safe phased approach to reopening over a period of time. The position is very fast moving and there are likely to be further development by the time we meet next week.”

We are meeting with the Local Authority and other unions tomorrow morning to discuss the checklist and plans for local schools, and will hold a meeting for NEU Reps in primary schools at 4pm to report back and continue our discussions with you.

Details of the meeting are here. Please click on the link to register.


4pm TUESDAY 19th MAY

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 614 115 7814

We will hold a separate meeting for secondary Reps later in the week.

Kevin Courtney on Good Morning Britain

Here is a link to a video from our joint General Secretary, Kevin Courtney, following his appearance on Good Morning Britain this morning.

18th May 2020

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