Tower Hamlets NEU Update 8th September

Monday 21st September
via Zoom

We hope the start of term has gone as well as could be expected.

We are collecting reports from schools and, while there are good plans in place, there are some concerns beginning to arise.

It is important that schools have a system in place for staff to report any concerns and that SLT hold regular catch-up meetings with NEU Reps to discuss these and keep the situation under review.

The local case rate remains low and we will continue to monitor the situation and make sure the Local Authority is issuing clear advice to schools. Our local website has been updated with the latest advice from the NEU.

Please do alert us to any serious concerns, we are ready to support you and your colleagues.


I have attached a card showing the agreed new teacher pay scales, effective from September 1st. Please make members aware of this and ask your head to confirm that these will be adopted in your school. Reps should also ask heads to confirm that all eligible teachers will be awarded pay progression this year.


We have set a schedule of meetings for this year, following our normal pattern of the third Monday every month at 5:00pm.

·      Monday 21st September

·      Monday 19th October

·      Monday 23rd November

·      Monday 25th January

·      Monday 22nd February

·      Monday 22nd March

·      Monday 26th April

·      Monday 24th May

·      Monday 21st June

For the time being these will continue to be held on Zoom. We will also hold Reps briefings and some online training sessions as and when necessary. Please make a note of these dates.

Download the flyer for your noticeboard: General Members Meeting September 2020


Please speak to any NQTs, or new members of staff in your school about joining the NEU – we now have over 2,700 members in Tower Hamlets and The City and we want to keep growing. Here is the link for joining the NEU – it is £1 for NQTs.


The NEU is holding a special conference on Saturday October 3rd, this is instead of the annual conference which was postponed at Easter. Our delegates to the conference will be those colleagues who were elected to attend the Easter conference. The conference will discuss some rule changes and three motions from the Executive. We will consider possible amendments to these at our meeting on 21st September.


We currently have vacancies in our officer group for a support staff rep and independent school Rep. We also have a number of vacancies on the District Committee, which we would like to fill, particularly with some Reps from primary schools. If you are interested, or would like more information please let us know.


The NEU financial year runs from September 1st to August 31st and each District must present audited accounts to NEU HQ. The closing statement of accounts for 2019/20 will be presented to our next meeting where we can take any questions you may have.

That’s all for now, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any information, advice or support.

8th September 2020

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