Covid-19 Map for schools and colleges

As part of our campaign to keep our schools and communities safe, the NEU has launched a new website. will include accurate, up-to-date information about the Covid-19 rate in areas around schools and colleges.

Click here to check the coronavirus rate in your local area.

The website will also provide campaign steps that parents, carers and school staff can take to support the union’s asks of Government to make schools and colleges safer.

The data will show the number of Covid-19 cases locally and whether they are increasing or decreasing. It will also show the ‘watchlist’ status of the local authority area and link to any local restrictions that are in place.

This website will help focus public concern about the Government’s coronavirus response and what it could do better to make our schools safer. It does not replace the important discussions you and other members need to have with your head teacher around safety.

On the website, we will ask parents, carers and school staff to support our demands and to ensure that we have:

  • Much quicker testing, for staff and students and a move towards asymptomatic testing of staff and older pupils, like in the NHS and care homes.
  • Smaller class sizes and bubbles, especially in areas where cases are highest. We have Nightingale courts and hospitals; we want Nightingale classes too.
  • Guarantees that vulnerable staff be allowed to work from home, especially in areas where cases are highest.
  • Funding to ensure that all schools and colleges have the money they need to keep as safe as possible.
  • A Public Health review of all school outbreaks, involving heads and unions, to ensure the best possible safety advice is being given.

Please help our campaign by sharing details of our website with family and friends, contacting your MP through the site’s email action and sharing our demands for greater safety in schools.

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