NEU Escalation App

Over the last few weeks, National Education Union (NEU) members and reps have asked us to streamline the way members can collectively escalate concerns in their workplace around safety and the growing trend of increased workload as a result of coronavirus.

As a result, we have launched our NEU escalation app which helps groups of members who don’t have a rep and workplace reps to escalate concerns quickly.

Watch our NEU escalation app demonstration video

Read our NEU escalation app FAQs

NEU escalation app FAQs

Who will have access to NEU escalation app?

Workplace reps – and members without a rep in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – will have access to the app. Members that have a rep will be encouraged to speak to them to collectivise around any issue and escalate using the app.

We will send you access to your branch summary spreadsheet of answers shortly and hope that this app will help members and reps in your area escalate over any concerns they collectively have.

How does the app work for reps and members without a rep?

NEU workplace reps and members without a rep will receive a unique link via email and text message for their workplace – please don’t share this as the link is unique to your workplace.

The app will ask you some general questions before asking if there are any concerns in your workplace and what stage, outlined below, best describes which stage you and your members are at.

  • Stage 1: You have discussed your concerns as members and are planning an NEU meeting.
  • Stage  2: Your union group is going to meet with head and/or SLT to raise concerns.
  • Stage 3: Your concerns haven’t been dealt with by leadership and you want to escalate further.
  • Stage 4: Your union group wants further support.

While completing the app, you will be asked if you want support with any of the escalation stages above. Once you have completed it, you will get a thank you email with the answers you gave, and your local branch will also get a copy.

You can update your answers at any time by going back to your app, using the original link.

What happens after a rep or members without rep has used the app?

If you have asked for support as part of our escalation app, you will be contacted by your local branch or region to discuss how to take things forward in your workplace.

We hope this app will help you and your members to quickly escalate concerns you have and ensure we resolve issues for members in timely way. We will be in touch further about this app and its usage in the future.

What data will branches have access to?

You will also have access to a live spreadsheet of all workplaces in your branch that have completed the checklist with all answers, helping you identify where needs support.

As described above, you will also get a copy of each time the app is completed in your area in real time too.


If you are having difficulty with the NEU escalation app and you are workplace rep or member without a rep, please let your branch secretary know via their contact details here

They will complete a form on your behalf which will be dealt with.

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