Blended Learning: 9th November 2020

We have had a number of queries recently seeking advice on “blended learning”, particularly remote teaching and live lessons.

This is clearly a topic that is coming into much sharper focus in schools as we go further into the term.

Here is some guidance which I hope you will find useful. The first is advice from the NEU and the second is a protocol that has been drawn up by a local school in consultation with staff.

NEU Advice on blended learning

Protocol on blended learning from a local school

It is important that we make sure that any policy on this is agreed with staff and not imposed upon them. At a recent NEU national meeting there was support for these four key principles:

Key principles

  1. Start with the child: their needs and their access to resources and equipment
  2. Take ownership: frontline staff are best placed to decide what is needed and what will work
  3. Informed consent: noone, and this includes staff and students, should be made to do anything about which they feel uncomfortable
  4. Safeguarding: policy and practice in this area should be set alongside safeguarding and safe use of the internet policies.

Please contact us with any concerns you have about expectations for blended learning in your workplace.

We are also considering organising a zoom meeting on this topic.

9th November 2020

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