Update: 27th September 2021


Wednesday 13th October

5:30pm via Zoom register here

Pay and Workload

Pay and workload are two areas where the NEU wants to make a difference for members, through strong local and workplace organisation.

There are some key ways in which we can do this and we will make this a priority in the coming months, listening to members’ concerns and working with Reps to make a difference in schools.

We are always ready to attend a meeting in your school as part of this work.


We want to get the largest possible response to the pay survey we sent to members at the weekend. From the responses received so far we have already collated some useful information about how decisions are affecting members, and their views on the pay freeze – the responses will help our continuing work on this.

Things you can do in your workplace:
  • Please copy this link https://bit.ly/TH_pay_survey and encourage NEU colleagues in your school to complete the survey
  • Attend our briefing on October 13th and encourage others to attend
  • Call a meeting in your workplace and invite a local officer to attend


At our meeting last week we heard from an NEU Rep in a primary school where members had worked together to identify areas of concern and begin discussions with their headteacher to address these – the starting point for this was the NEU stress audit, which we can set up for members in your school.

We want to collect good examples where schools have taken initiatives to reduce workload in any way, so please do share anything from your school – this can be anonymous if you wish.

You can download NEU materials on workload here.


Following discussions last year we have been working with headteachers to draft a “Memorandum of Understanding”, which sets out a framework for discussion between trade unions and school leaders – which I think will be useful in our work on pay policy and workload. Click on the link below for the latest draft which is going to the local Trade Union Forum and headteacher meetings in the next few weeks, and which we will discuss at our next meeting on Monday 18th October.

Please have a look at this and let me know if you have any questions or comments.


I have also attached a booklet containing details of NEU online training courses, including Reps training, for the autumn term. Do check the dates for these and try to enrol – reps are entitled to time off to attend union training.

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