October Half Term Update

Thanks for all your help and support this first half term.

It is time for our annual Reps survey. Please complete if you haven’t aready done so.

Our Committee will be looking at the results after half-term and it is really useful to hear from you what we are doing well and what we could be doing better.

Tackling Workload

At our last meeting, we heard a report on the launch of the NEU Value Education, Value Educators initiative. The focus we will be giving to tackling workload in schools.

We want to use this to increase the visibility of the Union in schools and make sure we are working with you to take positive steps to address members’ concerns.

National Zoom Call for Reps

New materials will be launched at a national Zoom call for NEU Reps on Monday 1st November – which will feature one of our Tower Hamlets Reps – you can register here and I hope you will be able to attend.

Pay Campaign

Please encourage colleagues to email their MP pressing the case for teachers and support staff to get a fair pay rise next year.

We will follow up our meeting on pay with some further advice for members on pay progression and other issues that came up in the meeting last week. The Powerpoint we used at the meeting is below.

Memorandum of Understanding

At our meeting on Monday we agreed to endorse the attached Memorandum, which we think provides a useful framework for building positive relations between school leaders and trade unions.

We are taking this back to headteachers for final agreement and welcome any comments you may have – please discuss this with colleagues in your school and your headteacher.

Disability History Month

18th Nov-18th Dec

Joint themes:

Disability and Hidden Impairment

Disability Sex and Relationships

Book here for the on-line launch event

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