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Ballot Bake Off!

One of our reps has done a bit of baking with a specialised topping…

He used a company called Eat Your Photo.

“They went down really well. They were a useful way to remind people to vote.

If you would like to so something like this we can reimburse the cost – here is an image of the artwork you can send them: TH-NEU-ballot-sticker-PRINT

Another of our reps has sent this photo in of ballots completed by members in her school. She tells us 100% of ballots have now been sent off.



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We are aware that a letter is being circulated in schools which wrongly suggests that proposed changes to terms and conditions will not affect school staff and that our ballot may be unlawful.

Please reassure NEU colleagues that our ballot is entirely lawful, and that I am in regular contact with the relevant staff at NEU HQ throughout this process.

We are balloting because Tower Hamlets, as our employer, is asking schools to consider adopting the proposals in Tower Rewards, which will worsen our contractual terms and conditions. They are doing this without consulting the NEU, or other unions, via our established negotiating forum. Unison are also balloting their members, including school support staff – NEU and Unison are the two largest unions in Tower Hamlets.

The circulation of this letter is a deliberate attempt to cause confusion and our best response is to build the strongest possible vote in our ballot, which I know you are doing.
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12 VOTES = 1%

Remember, just 12 votes is all it takes to increase the vote by 1%, so please do everything you can to build the vote stage by stage – here are some ideas:

  • staffroom ballot box – make a ballot box for the staffroom or for your meeting
  • baking for ballots – one Rep baked brownies to give to members in return for their completed ballot paper
  • NEU visit to the post box – organise a lunchtime or after school visit for NEU members to post their ballots together – send us a photo
  • I voted Yes photos – please print off copies of the attached sign and take a photo in your school meeting for us to share


Please try to keep a tally of how many people have voted in your school and let me know on the Friday of each week – this will help us target some of our energies.
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We can send you sheets of the attached sticker and copies of our leaflet – let me know how many you need and we will get some to you.
We are organising a phone bank next Monday to call members in schools where we don’t have an NEU Rep, and we would like as many people to come and help out.
It really is a case of the, ‘the more the merrier” – we will give you a list of ten numbers to ring and a script to use.
We are starting at 5:30pm in Stepney Green School.
Please let me know if you are able to make it and what preference you have for pizza!

Indicative Ballot

This briefing will be to discuss the indicative ballot for action on changes to terms and conditions proposed by Tower Hamlets Council. Please make sure someone from your school attends.

A quick update on our indicative ballot on Tower Rewards:

Ballot papers will be in schools in the next few days in the envelope shown left.

Please call a meeting next week to discuss this and ask members to bring their ballot papers and vote.

Please try to come to the meeting on Monday or send someone else if you can’t make it.

We do need a really big turnout and Yes vote in this ballot and you have a crucial role to play in this, so please do keep in touch and let us know what support you need.

Indicative Ballot: Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure everyone understands the why, what and when about this ballot so will answer questions as quickly as we can – starting here:

1. Are school staff affected by the proposed changes? Tower Hamlets Council intend to impose these changes on council staff, including NEU members employed centrally. The HR team have made a presentation to headteachers and have said schools should consider adopting the proposals for their staff.

The Local Authority have not consulted with the NEU before doing this, which is what usually happens on policies and procedures.They should not put us in a position where we have to negotiate with individual schools, and so we have declared a dispute with LBTH – in community schools the Local Authority is our employer and we are saying they should withdraw the proposed changes and consult with us properly before sending anything out to schools.

2. Will strike action be a last resort? Definitely. Strike action is always a last resort for the NEU – this is an indicative ballot which we want to use to show the strength of feeling amongst our members.

The ballot does not commit us to strike action at this stage but a strong vote will put pressure on the council and help us defend our terms and conditions. If we do decide to move to a formal ballot it will be alongside other unions.

See you at the Briefing on Monday.

December 2019

Value education – Vote education

The School Cuts website has been updated to reflect the manifesto promises made by the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats.


Please click on the School Cuts link to see what this means for your school.

It is clear that education is rising up the agenda for parents as they decide who to vote for. Please make sure that we get the best vote for education that we can.

Share the School Cuts information with friends, family and other parents in your community.

The General Election on 12 December is critical as it will decide the future life chances of our young people.4.1 million children in the UK are trapped in poverty. That’s the equivalent to 9 children in every class of 30.

The current government scrapped the target to end child poverty by 2020. On their watch there has been a staggering rise in child poverty. Since 2010, nearly half a million more children in working families have been forced below the breadline as a direct result of this government’s policies. 45% of children living in BME families are growing up under the poverty line.

Every day a child spends in poverty is a day they miss out on vital educational opportunities. We need to elect a government that will stem the rising tide of poverty and invest in our children’s future.If you value education, vote education.

Take action now

November 2019

Indicative Ballot over changes to terms and conditions and failure to consult with NEU

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 09.22.07Following meetings in schools and the decision of members at our last General Members meeting on 25th November, we have been given approval to conduct an indicative ballot over changes to terms and conditions and the failure of the council to consult properly with the NEU.

We are working on the details, which will be finalised after our meeting with the Local Authority on Thursday.

At this stage our dispute is with the Local Authority so our ballot will only include members employed in Community schools and those who are centrally employed.

This means we will NOT be balloting members on VA schools or academies, who have a different employer – we will continue to consider the position of members in these schools as our campaign develops and will find ways for them to support our ballot and the campaign to get these proposals withdrawn.

Leaflet explaining the changes to terms and conditions

Model motion on changes to terms and conditions

Getting ballot ready

The indicative ballot will take place this term and we need to make sure that every member knows what we are doing, why we are doing it and when we are doing it – please call a meeting in your school to discuss this and make sure members are ready for the ballot.

We will produce more materials but for the time being please use this leaflet we have been using in schools.

Membership Updates

We have sent text messages and emails to members asking them to check their membership details and update them if necessary.

Don’t forget you can check the membership list for your school here.

Once you have logged on and set up an account with the NEU. If you would prefer me to send a list for your school please let me know.


We are holding a short briefing for NEU Reps on Monday 9th December at 5:00pm in Stepney Green School – please make a note in your diary and try to attend or send someone else from your school. We will have some mince pies!

This is not something we are doing lightly and we are setting ourselves a big task, but I firmly believe it is the right thing to do and that we can do it.

Other News

VALUE EDUCATION – VOTE EDUCATION – School cuts leafletingDecember 4th
Please talk to your head and make arrangements to distribute leaflets to parents – send us pictures.

For more details of how you can help get the vote out for education please see the NEU website

Launch of NEU Black Members Network • December 4th

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Download invitation to circulate:  NEU Black Member Network invitation

Climate Emergency Day of Action • November 29th

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 11.10.14Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 11.10.25

Please find ways to support this in school – NEU guidance is available herea Tower Hamlets protest rally is being held at 4:00pm in Altab Ali Park

UCU strike action
University lecturers are taking strike action over pay and pensions.

Please support UCU colleagues at Queen Mary College on their picket lines if you can.

Vote Education

As we did in 2017, the NEU will be using the general election to highlight education issues – particularly school funding and the impact of child poverty on the children we teach – here are few important things you should know:

  • Campaign video: to start the campaign the Union has produced this excellent video which we would like you to show to NEU members.
  • School gate leafletting: the Union has produced leaflets about school cuts for us to give out to parents we want to organise a date where we do this all together across Tower Hamlets schools – you can order leaflets for your school here.
We will contact you with more news about the campaign and how you can get involved.


Organisations representing the overwhelming majority of teachers and school leaders in England have urged the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) to recommend a significant pay increase for all teachers and school leaders. They have called for the STRB to recommend an immediate pay increase of 5% which should be funded in full by the Government.

The value of teacher pay against inflation has been cut repeatedly since 2010.  An above-inflation increase is needed urgently, to begin the process of reversing these cuts and in doing so repairing the damage caused to teacher recruitment and retention.  The teaching profession’s ability to compete against other graduate professions has been seriously impaired and this has caused major recruitment and retention problems affecting the whole profession.  Urgently improving teacher pay and conditions is in the interests of young people and their parents.

The situation is critical.  The Government must urgently implement and fund a 5% pay increase, followed by further increases as soon as possible to restore the value of teacher pay to 2010 levels.  Looking ahead, a further review of teacher pay is needed to establish appropriate pay levels for the long term.  The evidence shows the damage that has been done to teacher pay and supply.  It is time for the STRB to recommend, and for the Government to accept its responsibility to deliver, the urgent action called for in the joint statement from ASCL, NAHT, NEU and Voice.

Mary Bousted, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said:

“The evidence shows that the STRB must recommend and the Government must fully fund an immediate 5% pay increase for teachers. Even this will not replace the pay losses teachers have faced, or close the gap with other professions, but alongside tackling workload, it would be a part of solving the teacher recruitment and retention crisis.”

Paul Whiteman, General Secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said:

“Teaching is a demanding and important profession and teachers’ pay and conditions should reflect this. At the moment, they don’t. The teacher supply pipeline is leaking at both ends, with too few new applicants and too many experienced professionals leaving prematurely. A pay rise for school staff is long overdue.”

Geoff Barton, General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said:

“We already have a full-blown teacher recruitment and retention crisis, and with pupil numbers projected to rise by 368,000 over the next six years, the crisis will deepen unless we are able to attract and retain more teachers. Teachers’ pay must be improved and it is imperative that this cost is funded in full by the Government rather than it landing on school budgets which are under unsustainable pressure.”

Voice General Secretary Deborah Lawson said:

“There is a widening gap between teachers’ pay and pay in other graduate professions, and this must be addressed in order to attract more graduates into the teaching profession and to retain them.

“To address this recruitment and retention crisis in our schools, we urge the STRB to recommend the pay increase proposed by the unions and the Government to fully fund it.”

Editor’s note:

Read the full statement of ASCL, NAHT, NEU and Voice.



Campaigns Update – VOTE YES in the indicative ballot

The ballot closes on 18th January!



Dear colleagues,

The NEU indicative ballot has been running for a week and has got off to a good start, hundreds of members in Tower Hamlets have voted already – we will receive a breakdown of voting in local schools today so do let me know if you would like information for your school.
We know that each time people are reminded it generates more votes, so please do arrange a meeting and look fir opportunities to remind colleagues – morning briefings are always useful for this.
Similarly, I would be grateful if you would encourage colleagues to vote in the NEU Executive elections and to vote for the candidates nominated by our local association:
  • Alex KENNY 1
  • Jess EDWARDS 2
  • Melissa HIND 3

If you could circulate the attached leaflet I would be grateful.


Just over a week to go now until we hold the first AGM of the new District NEU, woth Mary Bousted as our guest speaker – we will also take reports and questions from schools about the ballot. Please do try to come along so we get the NEU off to a good start.


If you are interested in coming to NEU Conference in April 2019 please complete the attached form and return it to me before Friday 7th December. We always encourage new people to attend so if you would like to know more about it please do not hesitate to contact me.


We have been in contact with a number of former East London officers and Reps – some going back to the 1970s and have arranged a social get together to celebrate the work of the NUT association in Tower Hamlets. It’s on Friday 7th December from 4:30pm in Stepney Green School and it would be great if you could come along – do let me know if you can make it, so we know numbers.


More than 1000 people turned out in London in the pouring rain to mark for funding.

Watch the livestream of the event here

enough is enough.jpg

The NEU is launching a major campaign initiative on pay and funding alongside the headteacher unions, NAHT and ASCL, and this will include an indicative ballot for strike action starting after half term.

Use this powerpoint to discuss the campaign with your members

NEU campaigning has started quickly this term in response to developments on pay and workload and we will be contacting schools to ask you to arrange a meeting to discuss this with your members.



On July 24th, Damian Hinds announced that he would not be implementing the STRB recommendations on teachers’ pay.

The Review Body recommended a 3.5% pay rise for all teachers, but Hinds has said that whilst main scale teachers will get 3.5%, teachers on the Upper Scale will only get 2% and those on the Leadership Spine 1.5%.

This is the first time in 27 years that the government has ignored the STRB and means that 60% of teachers will not get the 3.5% that was recommended.

The NEU says that this is divisive and unfair and will be campaigning for full implementation of the STRB report. Discussions are taking place at the NUT Executive and the NEU Joint Executive Committee this week and we will report soon on next steps.

In the meantime, this letter signed by the General Secretaries of the NEU, NAHT, ASCL, has been sent to Damian Hinds demanding that the STRB recommendation must be awarded in full and fully funded.

enough is enough A4On Friday 28th September over 2,000 head teachers protested outside Parliament at the funding cuts. This got national and international coverage and is a sign of the strength of our arguments and the force of our numbers.

We are organising a march for education on Tuesday 20th November. Please build awareness in your school or college.

Let’s send Damian Hinds a strong message.



The DfE has published a Toolkit for schools on reducing workload which we must use to bring about change in our schools. The Toolkit says that headteachers must conduct an audit of staff to establish areas of concern and then arrange discussion on how these can be addressed.

A recent survey by the NEU of 11,000 teachers shows that despite the recognition by the DfE and OFSTED that workload is untenable, staff are still being expected to undertake onerous tasks that are unnecessary and do not contribute to the progress or development of pupils. Evidence shows that teachers are still being expected to triple mark and provide photographic evidence of work.

The DfE Toolkit s won’t solve all the issues around workload which we believe are driven by OFSTED and an unreasonable accountability and testing regime but it is a good place to start the conversation in your school and to build support for winning more change.


The funding campaign continues and was kickstarted when 250 parents, teachers, support staff and head teachers gathered at Stepney Green School for a Big School Assembly.

We are hearing reports from NEU staff who attended the political party conferences that this issue is of real concern for Conservative party members who are being challenged on it as a matter of routine.

Now the government is under investigation because of its inclusion of private school fees and higher education tuition fees in its figures for expenditure on education. This is a complete misrepresentation of the funding situation. Independent bodies have confirmed that education funding is down by 8% in real terms.

Delivering postcards to the DfE

We are delivering a sack of postcards from parents to the Department for Education on Thursday October 18th at 10:30am and want to bring delegations of staff and children from schools.

Please discuss this with your head and let us know if you can come along.

From East London Teachers Association to NEU Tower Hamlets & the City District

Proposed motions for NEU Conference

At our meeting on Monday we will consider the submission of motions for NEU Conference in 2019. Six motions have been submitted in time to be discussed at the meeting on Monday and will be moved by various members of the committee.

Download the six proposed motions for NEU Conference here.

Draft rules for the NEU District

As part of our preparations for the NEU AGM on December 3rd we are required to prepare a set of rules for the new Tower Hamlets & City District.

The draft rules will be presented for approval at our meeting on Monday and the local ATL meeting later this month.

These rules follow the agreed model rules for NEU District with the following discretionary insertions:

  • a previously agreed set of officer positions
  • a quorum of twenty for our general meetings
  • setting the local subscription at 10% of the annual fee
  • minimum of six general meetings to be held in an academic year

Download the draft rules here.

Show Racism the Red Card – Wear Red Day

wear red day

A reminder to let us know if your school is taking part in the Wear Red Day on Friday October 19th.


LGBT+ Educators Conference

30 years since s28


The London NEU LGBT+ Network is organising an important conference on LGBT+ education on Saturday November 3rd. Please let colleagues in your school know about this and tell them that we will reimburse the ticket fee for anyone who wishes to attend.



NEU campaigning has started quickly this term in response to developments on pay and workload and we will be contacting schools to ask you to arrange a meeting to discuss this with your members.


On July 24th, Damian Hinds announced that he would not be implementing the STRB recommendations on teachers’ pay.

The Review Body recommended a 3.5% pay rise for all teachers, but Hinds has said that whilst main scale teachers will get 3.5%, teachers on the Upper Scale will only get 2% and those on the Leadership Spine 1.5%.

This is the first time in 27 years that the government has ignored the STRB and means that 60% of teachers will not get the 3.5% that was recommended.

The NEU says that this is divisive and unfair and will be campaigning for full implementation of the STRB report. Discussions are taking place at the NUT Executive and the NEU Joint Executive Committee this week and we will report soon on next steps.

In the meantime, this letter signed by the General Secretaries of the NEU, NAHT, ASCL, has been sent to Damian Hinds demanding that the STRB recommendation must be awarded in full and fully funded.

On Friday 28th September over 2,000 head teachers protested outside Parliament at the funding cuts. This got national and international coverage and is a sign of the strength of our arguments and the force of our numbers.


The DfE has published a Toolkit for schools on reducing workload which we must use to bring about change in our schools. The Toolkit says that headteachers must conduct an audit of staff to establish areas of concern and then arrange discussion on how these can be addressed.

A recent survey by the NEU of 11,000 teachers shows that despite the recognition by the DfE and OFSTED that workload is untenable, staff are still being expected to undertake onerous tasks that are unnecessary and do not contribute to the progress or development of pupils. Evidence shows that teachers are still being expected to triple mark and provide photographic evidence of work.

The DfE Toolkit s won’t solve all the issues around workload which we believe are driven by OFSTED and an unreasonable accountability and testing regime but it is a good place to start the conversation in your school and to build support for winning more change.


The funding campaign continues and was kickstarted when 250 parents, teachers, support staff and head teachers gathered at Stepney Green School for a Big School Assembly.

We are hearing reports from NEU staff who attended the political party conferences that this issue is of real concern for Conservative party members who are being challenged on it as a matter of routine.

Now the government is under investigation because of its inclusion of private school fees and higher education tuition fees in its figures for expenditure on education. This is a complete misrepresentation of the funding situation. Independent bodies have confirmed that education funding is down by 8% in real terms.

Ask Damian, Where is the STRB report?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Despite having had the report for weeks, the Minister for Education has not published the finding of the School Teachers Review Body recommendations on teachers’ pay for next year. This is a shocking dereliction of duty and shows real contempt for teachers and for Heads who are unable to make financial plans for the next year.

Teachers have suffered a 15% real terms pay cut since 2010 and we need a significant uplift to make up the ground. The NEU is asking for 5% but it must be funded. We are concerned that, despite the STRB recognising that poor pay is a key factor in the recruitment and retention crisis, that the award will fall short of what is needed and that the government will expect schools to fund it from ever-shrinking budgets. This isn’t good enough.

Yesterday, London teachers went up to see Damian Hinds at the Department of Education to ask him where the report is. Despite employing Sherlock Holmes, sniffer dogs and magnifying glasses, they didn’t find it.

It now seems as though the STRB report will not be published until September which is
truly outrageous and should make teachers very angry.
Whatever happens it is clear that we are going to have to mobilise members for a mass campaign on pay and funding and to make sure that school groups are meeting to discuss this.


As part of this we are calling a London Mobilising Meeting on Thursday 13th September at 6:00pm in Central Hall Westminster which we want to use to kick start the campaign across London.
Please do promote this to your reps and members and encourage them to book their place here.
More details will follow once we know the detail of the STRB Report and have confirmed speakers.

Next meeting

Our first General Members’ Meeting will take place on Monday 17th September at Stepney Green School 5pm.

Have a well earned rest over the summer. See you in September.


Join us to celebrate Refugee Week

refugee weekThe National Education Union (NEU) has joined the Refugee Week national partnership and is the first education union to be a partner.

Refugee Week runs from 18th-24th June and the Union has a wealth of resources on the website to help you make schools welcoming places for refugees and to make sure young people are informed and supportive.

Click here for resources to help you mark Refugee Week in your school

You can find short films here

You can find out more about Refugee Week here


School Cuts, Workload, Testing & Pay

It’s all about the Baseline – but our kids are More than a Score!

Please read our Baseline_newsletter about the NEU campaign on Baseline testing.

baseline jpegPlease download and circulate to colleagues in school.

Here is a Motion for schools on baseline testing that we would like members in primary schools to discuss – we want to collect a list of schools where this has been passed so please let us know if you have done this.
The Union is also part of the More Than a Score coalition which is committed to challenging a system based on high-stakes testing. We think the government’s focus on testing children and collecting data forces teachers to ‘teach to the test’, leaving children with an experience of school which is so much worse than it could be.
Please visit the MTAS website to find out how you can be part of this campaign

Funding Cuts Postcards


We have been delivering postcards to schools for parents to sign – a number of schools are holding meetings for parents to organise this. Please do discuss this with your headteacher and see what you can do.

You can find out how your school will be affected by visiting the School Cuts website. This site will tell you what these cuts will mean in terms of likely staffing cuts and also show you what the cuts will be to schools cross Tower Hamlets, where you live and every other school in the country.

Opinion poll on pay and workload

Please encourage members in your school to complete our online opinion poll about action as part of our campaign on pay and workload.

TUC Demonstration Saturday 12th May 


TUC demo
Join us and march behind our massive new NEU ‘Invest. Don’t cut’ inflatables which will be getting their first outing. We want to get a huge crowd of teachers, as well as parents and supporters, together to demand A New Deal For Education. This means schools which are properly funded and where staff are paid fairly for the hard work they do; schools where teachers are valued and trusted as professionals and where creativity is encouraged above teaching to the test.
The march will form up from 11am on Embankment before moving off at midday and ending with a rally in Hyde Park.
Confirmed speakers include Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn MP and Kevin Courtney and our ELTA President Amy Johnson, who would love to see some friendly faces in the crowd.

Please do all you can to encourage members from your school to attend this important event. Details here

We have decided to cancel the local NUT meeting scheduled for Monday 21st May and instead would like to encourage school groups to meet in that week to discuss our campaigns – our officers and committee members are happy to come and speak to members.
Our next meeting will now take place after half-term.

A Summer of Campaigning

NUT Conference was very positive and positioned the Union very well in the political arena – we agreed campaigning steps on our priority campaigns.

Conference was very well “book-ended” by the speeches from our President, Kiri Tunks, and General Secretary, Kevin Courtney, which really spoke to the delegates in the hall and also the outside world. Both speeches explored similar themes about education, the breakdown in the consensus and the need to organise and reach into communities. Kiri’s speech is here (starting at 46:00) and Kevin’s is here.

FUNDING CAMPAIGN WEEK OF ACTION We are going into an intensive period of activity around school cuts in the run to the local council elections on May 3rd. Here is what we are doing:

  • we have produced the attached postcard, outlining the effects of the cuts on Tower Hamlets schools – we are sending copies to schools for parents to sign and return to the school so we can deliver a sack full to the DfE
  • we want schools to organise meetings for parents to help with this
  • we will be organising some street stalls and other public campaigning and will send more details once these are confirmed

We are working with head teachers on this, so please do discuss this with your head and let us know what your school is doing.

Transitioning at Work

The Union has just launched new guidance for members transitioning at work.


The NUT London regional office are running a one day course for NUT Reps.
This is particularly, but not exclusively aimed at new Reps (last year or so) to give them a boost in confidence and opportunity to talk through issues/problems in becoming an effective rep.
There are 4 sessions:

  1. i) Role of the rep,
    ii) Recruitment,
    iii) Negotiating at a school level
    iv) Organising around workload – winning workload charters

If you are interested in attending please email me and I will pass on your details – you are entitled to time off work to attend this training.


We will discuss this further, as well as our local campaign on workload, at our next meeting on Monday 30th April at 5:00pm in Stepney Green School – please do try to come along.


Some Updates and Info for 2018

In 2018, we want to build our campaign on workload and need to hear from you about any discussions that have taken place in your school – we are still taking responses to our workload survey so do encourage colleagues to take part. You can get more advice in Tacking Workload Together

It’s also worth using the OFSTED advice to help you SLT reduce workload in school. Many schools impose tasks to impress OFSTED but OFSTED are saying they don’t need much of what is being done. More here in Ofsted mythbusters.

And, of course, our campaigns on pay and funding will continue apace so watch this space. We are currently working across the Union to develop the next phase of the School Cuts Campaign and will keep you informed.

Here is the latest NEU Advice on Pay Appeals and the updated Tower Hamlets Pay Scales. 

We will continue to build links with other organisations that share our ideas and aims for a broad, rich curriculum that meets the needs of the whole child. This is why we are sponsoring Open City’s Architecture in Schools Competition. Details of this year’s competition are not up yet but you can check out their website here.

Final FlyerWe are also organising a conference with other NEU associations entitle Challenging Sexism conference on 17th March at NUT HQ. Tickets are selling fast to make sure you don’t miss out. Book here

The Union has done some important research, It’s Just Everywhere, on the prevalence of sexism in schools which you can find here.

We have sent the link to all Head Teachers in Tower Hamlets and will be sending hard copies of the report into schools as well as some fabulous stickers for the students and staff.
The Union also has issued updated Advice on supporting transgender students and teachers

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any further advice or guidance.

Pay, Funding & Workload



Please complete this year’s national survey on teachers’ pay, the first which the National Education Union has conducted since the amalgamation of the NUT and the ATL in September.

The survey provides essential information on rates of pay progression and the annual cost of living pay increase. It won’t take long to complete so please do it now if you can.

Last year’s survey report shows that the Government’s changes have already cut rates of pay progression for all teachers and have affected certain groups in particular. It also shows that teachers continue to reject PRP and are increasingly aware that the new pay system is unfair. This year’s survey will again be a vital part of our work to persuade the Government and the School Teachers Review Body to reverse these changes.

Please also encourage colleagues to sign the petition in support of the claim for a 5% pay rise for teachers and other school staff


You should also use our  Appraisal and Pay calendar to make sure you are agreeing to reasonable targets and are empowered to make progression at the end of the year.

School Funding

These problems are being made much worse by the school funding crisis. The Conservative Government’s real terms cuts in funding per pupil will mean many more pay decisions being made on the basis of funding rather than fairness. If you haven’t already done so, visit to find out more about your local schools’ funding position and share that information with others.


We have now had over 400 replies to our survey on teacher workload and the results are providing a lot of useful information. Please help us to get as many teachers as we can to respond:

Please do encourage colleagues to complete the survey, and consider calling a meeting to discuss your responses to the questions within your school – we can produce a bespoke copy of the survey for use in your school.


Thanks for your help in supporting these important campaigns.


Keep Our Streets Safe

About 150 young people, school staff, parents, trade unionists, campaigners, local residents, representatives from local faiths and others came together to march down Bethnal Green Road. It was a noisy, lively demonstration which got the attention of hundreds of people out and about in the area or making their way home. Two commuters even joined in with us.

We had a short rally in St John’s Church where Father Alan welcomed us all.


A5 landscape

Following the sexual assault of a young woman in Bethnal Green, ELTA has worked with other community organisations to set up this torchlight march on Friday 3rd November.

Please come along for an hour after school to send a message to everyone who lives, works and socialises in Bethnal Green that these streets are our streets and we will fight to keep them safe for all.

Kauser Jan for Vice President

Members should have received a ballot paper for this election during half-term. We have nominated, and are supporting, Kauser Jan. Please encourage members to vote Kauser Jan 1.

Kauser is a fabulous teacher, campaigner and organiser – just the kind of person we want representing us and fighting for us in the NEU.

National Education Union takes up the fight


As you are probably aware, the NUT is now part of the National Education Union, following our merger with the ATL – this is an exciting time as the NEU will represent over 400,000 teachers and support staff and can act as a real force in the education world.
We are currently in a period of transition during which we will be operating as the NUT Section of the NEU (so you may still see some things with the NUT logo and the NUT website will still be the place to go to for information and advice.
As ever at this time of year, please do look out for new members of staff and NQTs and recruitment them to the union – new recruits can join the NEU for £10 for the rest of year and for NQTs the membership fee is 3! for the first four terms. Support staff can also join the NEU. Please see here for details of membership fees for different groups of staff.
NEU Campaigns

The NEU has four major campaigns which we will be working on over the next year – these are:

  • School funding – we will continue to press for more money for schools
  • Pay – we are working with other unions to oppose the 1% pay cap. Come and be part of the cross-union demonstration on 17th October.
  • Teacher workload – Ofsted are asking heads how they will reduce workload (see here)
  • Assessment – our broad campaign More Than A Score will continue

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 13.58.10


objective-setting–october-2013-_sl-finalDownload our first NEU_newsletter here

Officers of the NUT section will be meeting with officers from ATL section in Tower Hamlets soon to plan how we can bring our members together as an effective force



Pay Increases In Pay Packets

Joint advice from the NUT and other unions on school teachers’ pay from September 2017 is available here. It advises that the percentage uplift recommended by the STRB to the minima and maxima of the ranges (2% for the Main Pay Range and 1% for other pay and allowance ranges) should apply to all teachers within the relevant range.  The advice is endorsed by ASCL, ATL, NAHT, UCAC and Voice as well as NUT.


Please contact us urgently if you have not received this pay increase.

Members will also now be setting their appraisal targets for the coming year. Please use the calendar below to help with your planning. You can download a copy hereScreen Shot 2016-01-19 at 09.51.50

Objective Setting

Please advise your members not to set numerical targets. See this advice from the Union on setting targets and other appraisal issues.

Download guidance objective-setting–october-2013-_sl-final


First Class Post


Students and staff from Tower Hamlets schools delivered five giant postcards to Justine Greening at the Department of Education. The first postcard was signed by thousands of people at the Tower Hamlets Big School Assembly in May. Four more postcards were then posted to schools across Tower Hamlets where they were signed by thousands more parents, students and staff before being posted on to the next school.

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Staff from Justine Greening’s office came down to collect the postcards and listened to the views of our delegates. Students from Olga, St Saviour’s, Thomas Buxton and Smithy Street Primary were excellent ambassadors for our community. We were delighted to be joined by local MPs, Rushanara Ali, Jim Fitzpatrick, Mayor John Biggs, Louise Regan (NUT President) and Kevin Courtneyn (NUT General Secretary).


Our next action is to join in the Carnival Against the Cuts demonstration this Sunday

Latest on school funding campaign

The school funding campaign has hit the headlines again  with this report of a letter going to two million parents from heads in a number of local authorities.
We need to keep up the pressure on the government to find the money to fund our schools properly.
The latest British Social Attitudes Survey shows huge public support for proper funding of our public services: 70% of those surveyed supported increased investment in our schools.

Giant postcards

The tour of schools is continuing and we now have five postcards almost full of signatures, so we may have to start a new one.

We met with the Mayor and lead member for education yesterday and we are looking at a date in July when the Mayor and our two MPs will be able to join us in delivering the postcards to Justine Greening – we think we can get a lot of publicity for this.

The suggestion is that we do this one afternoon and that we ask schools to send a delegation of parents, children and staff. Please discus this with your head and let me know if you think this is something in which your school could take part.


London demonstration against the cuts


Fair Funding For All Schools have called a Carnival Against the Cuts in central London on Sunday July 16th, which the NAHT, NUT and ATL are supporting.

There will be a short march from Victoria Embankment to a picnic with speeches and entertainment in Parliament Square.

The mayor and local councillors have said they will support this and help us promote it, we have also had a positive response from parents who were in contact with us around the Big School Assembly.

Although it is very close to the end of term, I hope we will be able to work together to encourage staff and parents to come along and would welcome any suggestions about how we might do this.

Green for Grenfell

Thanks again for all your support on this campaign and the initiative around Grenfell Tower. We know many schools in Tower Hamlets took part and have raised hundreds of pounds for the disaster fund.
Collections and donations should be sent to the Red Cross Fund who are working with charities on the ground to coordinate distribution.

The SATs effect: teachers’ verdict – Summer Term 2017


Our survey of 2,300 National Union of Teachers primary members shows a widespread lack of confidence in Government assessment and accountability and a growing conviction that it needs fundamental change.

Read the full report here:…/fil…/sats-survey-8pp-11128.pdf…/nut-survey-sats-having-damagi…


The Union is now considering the next steps in the campaign for an assessment system that works for children.

General Election: What next for the school cuts campaign?

It is clear that the NUT-led campaign on school funding cuts had a big impact on the way people voted in the General Election. Sources also suggest that plans to increase the number of grammar schools has been shelved and that Justine Greening has already been told to rethink the National Funding Formula.
Well done to teachers, parents and students everywhere who came together to fight for our schools.

Things look promising but we cannot rest on our laurels. Now is the time to step up a gear on our campaign.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 15.31.56.png
The Union is in discussion with other partners about how we can build on our campaign and keep the pressure on the new government to change their funding plans – part of these discussions include the possibility of a London demonstration with parents before the end of term.

We will be able to discuss the campaign and report on the next steps at our meeting on Monday 19th June at 5:00pm in Stepney Green School – please do make every effort to attend.

Mrs May, Don’t Take Our Money Away!

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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone for all the work you did to make the Tower Hamlets Big School Assembly such an outstanding success – the turnout certainly exceeded expectations and it was good to come together as a community and show our solidarity with the people of Manchester.
We think there must have been at least 1,200 people who came from more than 50 schools all over the borough, marching with banners and whistles over some distance.

It really showed the Tower Hamlets school community at its best and I think headteacher, Lorraine Flanagan, hit the nail on the head in her speech when she said, “this is democracy in action.”

044 copyThe parents and young people who spoke did us proud and I guess pride of place must go to Riazul from Bow school for his closing performance of “Mrs May, don’t take our money away” which has already become a mini internet sensation amongst teachers on Facebook.

We will be thinking about how we can work together to continue this campaign after half-term, building links with the many parents who have contacted us about getting involved in the campaign.

Using the Giant Postcard

049 copyThe postcard was a big hit and is covered with hundreds of signatures. We are discussing with headteachers about whether to deliver this to the DfE, and seek some publicity, before the general election – which would mean doing it immediately after half-term – or to wait until after the election when we know who is the next Secretary of State.
If we decide to wait we may get one or two more copies made and take them on a tour of school playgrounds to collect more signatures.

The Tower Hamlets Big Assembly

Big Assembly jpeg

We are delighted with the response to our campaign against education funding cuts. Head Teachers, teachers, parents, students and community activists have taken up the call to demand fair funding for all schools. In the last few weeks, we have spoken to over 800 parents in different meetings across the borough from the Isle of Dogs to Globe Town and Bethnal Green. More meetings are planned this week.

NUT members were also at the Mela in Weavers’ Fields on Sunday to leaflet the festival goers. Sixth Form students in Bethnal Green have got local businesses to advertise the Big Assembly in their shop windows while others have given out leaflets after Friday prayers.

We know of schools and parents involved in placard making ready for the Big Assembly and lots of students have been debating the issue in class.


Big Assembly jpeg

Education and the general election – speaker: Kevin Courtney (NUT GS)

kevinNUT campaigning has already put education high on the agenda for the general election, so we want to use this opportunity to campaign for the changes we need to see for teachers, children and education.

Come to our meeting on 8th May to discuss how we make sure education issues are a key priority for the General Election

We are working with local headteachers and other unions and we aim to organise:

  • parents meetings
  • street stalls
  • questions to candidates
  • A Big School Assembly in a local park

and more

We need to involve as many members as we can to reach the widest possible audience, so please discuss this with colleagues in your school and come along to the meeting to discuss how you can get involved.

Register here for this event

The NUT campaign on funding cuts is growing and winning support from parents – last week over 150 parents attended a meeting in Malmesbury School and we are expecting a good turn out for a meeting on the Isle of Dogs on 3rd May – more meetings are being planned and we would like your school to organise one.

On Friday local headteachers published an open letter to Justine Greening and Theresa May, which got some publicity alongside another letter signed by five hundred heads across the country.


Big Assembly jpegWe are now planning the next stages of our campaign, which include streets stalls and leafleting – all building towards The Big School Assembly on Wednesday 24th May, which headteachers are supporting.


The idea is that parents and staff will meet at their local school and come together to Mile End Park for a rally and fun activities – we are encouraging school bands to come and will be offering prizes for the best placards.

We have chosen the area in Mile End Park next to the Ragged School Museum to make the point that we may be moving back to Victorian class sizes if these cuts go ahead
Watch this brilliant video by students at St Aidan’s Primary in Haringey.
We think we can build a lot of support for this and get a lot of publicity – please do discuss this with your headteacher and other colleagues and make plans to inform parents and bring them along.

Election pdfTheresa May’s surprise decision to call a general election was announced just an hour before the NUT General Secretary, Kevin Courtney, spoke to NUT Conference in Cardiff.

Kevin was in an ideal position to respond and to declare that the NUT intends to do everything we can to make education a key issue in this election.

In his speech Kevin highlighted a number of key concerns that the Union will be raising with candidates seeking election to Parliament – you can see his speech here.

Our campaign on funding has already hit the news and last weekend over 500,000 people visited the school cuts website.

In the next few weeks the Union will seek to build on the work that has already been done across the country by parents and teachers.

Education has never been so high on voters’ priorities in a general election, so we want to make sure that every candidate is confronted with some simple questions:

  • Do you support the cuts that are affecting local schools?
  • Do you believe that some children do not need to do subjects such as art, music or drama?
  • Do you think it is right that some vulnerable children are losing vital TA support because of budget cuts?
  • Why do you think so many teachers are leaving the profession

East London NUT is working with others to reach local parents, through school meetings, leafleting and street stalls.

Watch Kevin Courtney’s message to politicians here

Can you help us build this campaign? Email and get involved.



The government has just published a leaflet and poster for for schools with guidance on steps to tackle excessive workload – the poster address three areas of Marking, Planning and Data Management. The materials have been endorsed by Ofsted and all teacher unions.

This guidance gives us a great opportunity to generate discussions about improving policies and procedures that can reduce workload for teachers and help us achieve a proper work/life balance.



Our General Secretary, Kevin Courtney, recorded this video message for members on Friday, which has already been viewed over 20,000 times.

Please share these materials and the video with members and see if you can identify some areas for change.


We want to encourage schools to hold meetings for parents to explain to them about the cuts we are facing and ask them to sign our petition and e-mail MPs. We have written to headteachers about this and are getting a positive response.
You can see how the cuts will affect your school here on the School Cuts website.
We already have a meeting set up involving schools on the Isle of Dogs and would like to encourage more meetings like this. Please do talk to your head about this and let us know what you are doing and if you need any help.
These are some example leaflets you can adapt for a meeting in your school or neighbourhood.
Download PDFS here


Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 12.18.12.png

Our next local NUT on meeting is on Monday 6th March and I am really pleased that Madeleine Holt from the parents campaign, Rescue Our Schools, has agreed to speak. The NUT is working closely with Rescue Our Schools and it will be a great opportunity to hear about our campaigns from a parents perspective.
Please make a note in your diary and advertise the meeting to colleagues.

Message from NUT General Secretary on Trump’s Travel Ban

Dear colleagues,

 As you will be aware many of our members have joined the protests around the country against Donald Trump’s executive order banning entry to the US from seven countries which have a majority Muslim population.

They will have joined those demonstrations as individuals but also as teachers they will be acutely concerned about the message this action sends to the young people they see every day.

I accepted an invitation to speak at the demonstration outside Downing Street on Monday and have also accepted an invitation to speak at the demonstration in London on Saturday. I have also signed the petition and a letter to the Guardian calling for the invitation of a state visit to be withdrawn.

I believe that Donald Trump’s actions will upset many of the children and families our members serve and have an impact on communities all over the country. I therefore strongly believe that, we must speak out – I do not believe that silence is an option.

When I spoke at Downing Street I said I was representing the biggest teachers union in Europe and wanted to explain why teachers should be involved. I said Trump was no ordinary bad politician – his policies aren’t bad immigration policies and misguided anti-terror policies.  Instead his policies are aimed at stoking fear and division.

And it won’t just be migrants from some countries affected. That fear and division will come to every school and every community; so every person of good will needs to speak out. Every teacher needs to be involved – for the sake of our children.

 I hope that you will support my decisions with regard to the protests and that you will support any protests that may be happening locally and encourage members to attend.

 With best wishes,

 Kevin Courtney, NUT General Secretary


Unless the Government allocates more money, schools will lose £3 billion a year in real terms by 2020.

98% of schools’ costs are rising faster than their income.

60% of secondary schools are running deficit budgets.

This is the projection for Tower Hamlets



Education provision in Tower Hamlets is being seriously affected by government funding decisions, here is just a taste of what is happening

  • our children’s centres and nurseries are under threat
  • class sizes are going up
  • children are losing out on vital support
  • jobs are being cut or not replaced
  • subjects are being removed from the curriculum
  • schools are ending clubs and other activities

and there is more to come – under new funding proposals, schools in Tower Hamlets are set to lose £28m by 2019 –  go to to see how your school will be affected.

We can, and we must, build a campaign with parents to oppose these cuts and make the government change their priorities.

We hope you can make it to this important meeting to discuss how we can do this. You can register here

What else can I do?

If you are registered as the NUT rep, you can access and update the membership list via the NUT website. If you are doing this for the first time you will need to answer a couple of security questions and create a password.

As part of the campaign on primary assessment we are asking school groups to discuss and endorse the attached statement – we are compiling a list of schools where this has happened so please let us know if you have done this. You can read more about the campaign here.

The joint union website gives details of how the government’s proposed funding cuts will affect individual schools – please share this with colleagues in your school. The cuts will have a devastating affect on Tower Hamlets schools and we are preparing some campaigning activities ahead of the budget on March 8th.

We have updated our local NUT website to include the latest documents and advice on workload, please use these as the basis for discussion in your school.

Schools are being asked to collect information about the nationality and country of birth of pupils for the first time in this year’s census form. This is causing a great deal of anxiety to both parents and schools, who are concerned about the uses to which such information may be put. The School Census 2016/17 guidance provides school groups with a tool for requesting that their school adopts a policy statement of fair processing. It is important to note that parents do not have to provide this information and schools should advise them of this fact. The NUT is working with organisations, including the Labour Party, to seek a change in this policy.

Our next local meeting is on Monday 30th January at 5:00pm in Stepney Green School, where we will be discussing the union’s priority campaigns and how we can support members in schools – please do try to come along.

You can register here

New Year Resolutions

Welcome back and a Happy New Year.

It is clear that this government’s policies mean we are going to need to step-up our campaigning this year. The Union is committed  to challenging the government and has identified three key national campaigning areas: Workload, Funding and Assessment.

Our next General Members’ MeetingGeneral Members’ Meeting is on  Monday 30th January at 5pm, Stepney Green School. Please ensure someone from your school is there.


screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-15-48-09One priority for us this term is working with members in schools to win improvements in wokload. We have a new ally in this in the National Director of OFSTED, Sean Harford, who has written on workload for the Teacher Magazine.  In the article, he encourages school to use Ofsted mythbusters and other materials to change culture and practice around issues such as planning, marking and use of data. Do call a meeting to discuss this and see if you can identify some areas for change in your school.

You can read the article here: ofsted_workload


The government has started consultation on a new funding formula for schools, which will see Tower Hamlets and other inner city authorities face huge cuts. Without increasing spending on education the government is proposing to redistribute money to other areas. The proposals are already being opposed by many Tory MPs, which will help the NUT campaign for an increase in funding.


We are already hearing from reps of increased class sizes, reduction of support staff, any an increase of unqualified staff and the cutting of non-core subjects. Please let us  know what is happening in your school.

You can see how much funding your school is likely to lose by entering the postcode here

Primary Assessment

We want to build pressure on the Government and lobby MPs locally about SATs, primary assessment and the damage being done. To get more members involved in the debate, the Executive has developed the a statement for school groups to discuss and endorse.

You can download the statement here:  school-campaign-statement-v2

Ballot on merger with ATL

The next step towards professional unity will be the ballot of members on the formation of a new union.  We will be balloting all members (except students) and the ballot will open on 27 February and close on 21 March.

The NUT will be emailing NUT Reps  seeking volunteers to act as advocates for the new Union; and there will be an email to members publicising the ballot and explaining more about the plans for the new union.

In the meantime, this Frequently Asked Questions document may answer some of your questions

Cable Street Competition Winners

We were delighted with the number and range of entries for our competition from young people across Tower Hamlets.

A5 2pp

All the winners have had their entries reproduced in a poster which will go in to all schools, libraries and ideas stores in the borough. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners will also receive a poster of their entry for themselves and their school.

Judges, local historian David Rosenberg and Tower Hamlets Young Mayor, Deng Yan, really enjoyed judging the competition and said they felt uplifted by the quality of entries and commitment to equality. As Deng Yan said, ” It’s nice to think that the children who produced this work are part of our future.”

We are also grateful to Rachael Saunders, Lead Member for Education in Tower img_1529Hamlets, for her support for the project.

Some schools set the competition as homework, others ran workshops as part of a drop-down day others dedicated curriculum time to build a cross-curricular project.

This report from Christchurch School gives a flavour of the competition’s impact:

“We had a whole week of activities for the commemoration of the Battle of Cable Street. We visited a synagogue, a Jewish tailors, the 24 hour bagel shop and Cable Street throughout the week. Your poster competition was absolutely perfect for the children to take part in.”

img_0451We are really grateful to all the teachers and schools who made time in a very crowded, and often constrained curriculum, to enable their young people to enter the competition. We think schools should have more freedom to develop activities like this which are so valuable for broad, rich, deep learning but can’t be easily tested.

It is more important than ever that we build links and understanding across our diverse communities.

We are already being asked if we will repeat the competition next year…


Our three priority campaigns continue on


Schools are already struggling to settle their budgets as a result of the 8% increased costs imposed by the government. Across the country we are seeing class sizes going up, support staff being cut, some courses and extra tuition being stopped and more.

Although there was little mention of education in the autumn budget, the government has just published its plans which will result in  schools facing more cuts.

According to the NUT’s School Cuts website, this is what funding cuts will look like in Tower Hamlets.


Please visit to see the NUT projections on how cuts are affecting your school and to e-mail your MP.


Justine Greening has announced a number of changes to the arrangements for SATs in 2017. The NUT view, and the view of members, is that these do not go anywhere near far enough to meet our concerns. The government is organising some roadshows next term as part of a consultation on assessment and we will be organising some activity around these.

The NUT is calling for the 2017 tests to be cancelled and for a full review of primaryscreen-shot-2016-12-15-at-12-49-22 assessment and accountability.

We are working with an impressive range of organisations on a campaign called More Than A Score which is getting a lot of publicity and which held a very successful conference on December 3rd.

Please visit which has some good campaigning videos and resources.


Following the government’s Workload Challenge survey in 2014, three independent groups were established to report on, and suggest solutions to, unnecessary burdens associated with Marking, Planning and Data Management.

We are encouraging school groups to discuss the reports to see how they can be used to make some changes to policies in schools – download the NUT summaries.

Posters covering the main recommendations, endorsed by the DfE, Ofsted and all associations representing teachers, are being sent to all schools.

Ofsted guidance can help ring the changes on marking

Ofsted has issued further advice to inspectors about marking – given that so much of what happens in schools is drive by “what Ofsted want” this can be used as the basis for discussing changes in schools – here is an extract:

“We must not give the impression that marking needs to be undertaken in any particular format and to any particular degree of sophistication or detail.
There is remarkably little high quality, relevant research evidence to suggest that detailed or extensive marking has any significant impact on pupils’ learning.

Until such evidence is available… please do not report on marking practice, or make judgements on it, other than whether it follows the school’s assessment policy. Do not seek to attribute the degree of progress that pupils have made to marking that you consider to be either effective or ineffective.

Please do not make recommendations for improvement that involve marking, other than when the school’s marking/assessment policy is not being followed by a substantial proportion of teachers.”

If you think your school is in breach of this guidance, please get in touch with us.


Download the latest elta_newsletter


A5 2pp

Our next local NUT meeting is on Monday 21st November at 5:00pm in Stepney Green School – the main discussions will be on workload and funding

A5 2ppNUT Funding Demonstration 17/11/16

Before our meeting we have the important NUT demonstration on funding – please do try to come along with colleagues from your school – see the attached leaflet.

School Cuts

The NUT and ATL have launched a very good cuts website through which you can check the likely impact of government cuts on your school

Motions for NUT Conference

Our meeting on 21st November will also discuss motions to be submitted in the name of our association to NUT Conference – the ELTA Committee is recommending six motions and you can read them here.

NUT and ATL to ballot on amalgamation

The NUT and ATL held conferences on Saturday which approved proposals to ballot members on the formation of a new union of nearly 500,000 members, which will represent the majority of teachers. The vote in both conferences was 97% in favour of going ahead. The ballot will take place in the spring term and we will have a brief report on this at our next meeting. You can read the NUT statement here.

NUT Reps Training – Wednesday 16th November

Finally, don’t forget our training session for NUT Reps on Wednesday 16th November from 1:00pm. You are entitled to time off to attend these sessions and they are useful opportunities to get together with other Reps and share ideas and informationemail if you would like to attend.

Durham & Derby TAs

You will have heard about the industrial dispute being fought by TAs and HLTAs in Durham and Derby over cuts to their pay and conditions. They will be taking strike action to challenge the authority plans. ELTA is supporting this fight and will be proposing a donation to their strike funds. Please raise with members in schools and do collections for them. Contact us for details of where to send any money collected.
More on the Derby dispute here

Other Events


11th-13th November – NUT Black Teachers’ Conference black-teachers-conference-flyer

Read more about the Conference, other events and resources for Black teachers here


3rd December – More than a Score Conference – You can book your place here

Thanks to everyone for their work on the You Can’t Test This action. We had great reports in from schools around Tower Hamlets about what they did. You can read more about various activities to challenge the testing regime here


14079674_1727968594122856_4584738771636477504_nIt is with great sadness that we post that long-time NUT member, teacher and ex-ELTA officer, Morlette Lindsay passed away on Friday 26th August, after a long battle with cancer.

Morlette taught English at Stepney Green School, Sir John Cass and George Green’s before moving on to the Royal Nautical School in Lambeth.

More recently, Morlette was a course tutor at the Institute of Education, where she helped many new teachers develop the skills and determination to succeed in the job.

Morlette was passionate about education, language and literature, and was very active in the London Association for Teachers of English (LATE) for whom she organised many events and conferences.

Coming from South Africa Morlette was acutely aware of the power of education and the evils of injustice and inequality and she spent her life committed to fighting for a better world.

Morlette was active in the NUT and held a number of local officer positions as well as being a school Rep – nothing was too much for Morlette, and if something needed doing she could be relied on to contribute with ideas and energy and her customary sense of fun.

In her various roles Morlette touched the lives of many young people and teachers, all of whom will have been infected with her enthusiasm and passion.

Morlette was genuinely one of the kindest, warmest and most positive people you could ever meet – to those she met she was a friend, a colleague and a comrade and her death is far too soon and a great loss.

RIP Morlette.

Morlette’s partner, Bill, will attend the next ELTA General Members’ meeting for a short tribute.

Thank You!


On July 5th, we had a higher number of local schools closed than on previous strikes and the turnout from Tower Hamlets on the demonstration was very strong.

The NUT got good media coverage throughout the day and several colleagues from local schools were involved in this – we have certainly put the issue of funding for schools high on the political agenda.

I would be grateful if you could complete this brief feedback questionnaire from your school. It should not take too long and will help us assess the impact of the strike as we prepare the next steps in the campaign. Please note: you may also receive a national survey from the NUT tomorrow, please complete both surveys.

A new Minister for Education, Women & Equalities

Following the appointment of Theresa May as Prime Minister, Nicky Morgan was dismissed as the Minister for Education. This followed a disastrous term in office that ended as a petition launched by headteachers in Lancashire was calling for her to resign over her failure of our children. Here are two more setbacks she suffered:


The long awaited STRB Report  has recommended a 1% increase on all points in September. However, they go on to say that there will need to be a more substantial increase over the next few years in order to address the problems with recruitment and retention of teachers. The STRB has also rejected the previous Nicky Morgan’s proposal that heads should be able to move teachers down the pay scale.


The Education Select Committee has rejected Morgan’s recommendation to appoint Amanda Spielman as the new head of Ofsted. Amanda Spielman is currently chair of Ofqual and is closely associated with the academies programme but has no experience of working in schools.
In the words of the Select Committee, she did not have, “the vision and passion we would expect from a prospective HMCI candidate”.

Justine Greening is the new minister and she immediately stopped the planned KS2 resits. She has also had a short conversation with the new NUT General Secretary, Kevin Courtney which suggests she may be more open to discussion than her predecessors.

However, Nick Gibb, a driving force in the government’s ‘reforms’ is still in position as Schools Minister which suggests that the changes may be cosmetic. Let’s see if Justine Greening ignores the Select Committee criticisms of the OFSTED appointment and what she does about the STRB proposals.

j5No signs of change in policy

Despite the outward signs of concession, there is little to suggest tangible changes to the Conservative agenda of academisation and cuts to funding. There is a suggestion that we need more grammar schools and no sign that there is any more money available to schools or that the department is addressing the other longstanding crises facing education such as teacher recruitment & retention, school places, narrowing of the curriculum, the testing regime and workload.

The battle goes on

This will all feed into the NUT Stand Up for Education campaign as we build alliances with parents to win support for a different vision for education – our strike on July 5th was an important part of that campaign, which will continue next term. Have a great holiday.

One again, thanks for all your efforts, your work is really making a difference.

Save our Schools

Take strike action on Tuesday 5th July

Our demand?

Proper funding for all schools

Decent working and learning conditions

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 20.37.52

Campaign Videos

Please share these videos or show them in a school meeting

“THIS SCHOOL” unofficial anthem sung by a choir of NUT members

Green Fridays
turn fridays green
Members across the country are wearing green to work on Fridays to show support for our campaign for a better education system and to build support in the ballot.
Ask members in your school to wear anything green on Fridays this term. Take photos and share on social media

NUT forces a retreat but the fight goes on

You may have heard that, in the face of huge opposition, the government has withdrawn its plans to force every school into academy status by 2022

This is a significant victory which shows that, when teachers, parents and governors act together, we are a powerful voice and can have an impact.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.15.01

However, as our May 2016 newsletter explains, there are still many issues unresolved and threats that remain.

The Union is therefore proceeding with the ballot for national strike action to protect teachers’ pay and conditions and to increase school funding.

Please do discuss the latest developments with colleagues in your school and bring a report to our next meeting.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 15.10.16LOCAL NUT MEETING • MONDAY 16th MAY
Our meeting on Monday 16th May (see attached flyer) is very important as we want to update you on the campaign and hear from you what members in schools are saying – please try to come along with colleagues from your school.


This video message from NUT Deputy General Secretary, Kevin Courtney, outlines the threat to teachers’ pay and conditions and calls on members to vote YES in the forthcoming ballot. Please share this with members and consider showing it in a Union meeting.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need advice, information or support or if you would like someone to come into a school meeting.

Over 150 members attended our last NUT meeting, making it the biggest meeting we have held – we would like to thank all those of you who came along and brought members from your school.

The attendance and discussion reflected the determination to oppose the government’s White Paper and to work together across Tower Hamlets to ensure a successful ballot result. There were lots of good ideas and suggestions and we will collate these and use these to develop our work.


Our task now is ensure that there is a good flow of communication between the local officers and Reps and members in schools – we need to make sure that you have all the information you need and we need you to tell us what is happening in your school and what members are saying.

NUT_ballot_newsletterWhat you can do next:

Check your membership list is up to date

Ask members to check their details are correct

Download our latest NUT_ballot_newsletter with details about the NUT ballot for strike action.Please circulate to members in your school.

You can also download this White_Paper_Guide on the White Paper which explains the need for this action.

 Video Animation

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.29.07
One of our colleagues in Camden NUT, Megan Quinn, has made this excellent two minute animated video outlining our concerns and reasons for the ballot – it would be very god to show in a school meeting.

These Schools are Our Schools

image(4)The NUT Education Choir is forming to record a protest song in defence of education.

The song was recorded at Hamilton House on Sunday 8th May and should be released later this month.

You can hear a demo of the song and find out more details here.


Print-ready version of this poster: NUT_ballot_23May2016_A4_print

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.15.01

Read our White paper newsletter 2016


Call us on 0207 364 5791 or email

Join us to stand up for education, fight cuts, oppose injustice and strive for a better world!

If you are in need of urgent advice please contact the NUT Advice Line

Got a quick question? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page

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