Step 1: Check the website for advice

Check out the advice and guidance on the NEU website.

Start with the Frequently Asked Questions which address the most common issues raised by members.

Click here for advice on maternity and pregnancy terms, conditions and rights

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If that doesn’t answer your questions, check if you can find an answer on the following pages:


Rights and conditions

Health & Safety advice

Pay advice



New & trainee teachers

Or you can use this A-Z listing of advice topics to find your answer even more quickly.

Most issues will be covered here and you may be able to find all the advice you need quickly.

You can find all the policies agreed with Tower Hamlets here.

If your issue is urgent, please email

Step 2: Speak to your school rep

They will have knowledge about local policies and campaigns. They may also be aware of other members with the same concern and want to address the issue collectively.They will also be able to say if they can help you or refer you on to someone else in the local district office or elsewhere.

If your issue is urgent, please email

Step 3: Contact AdviceLine

If you:

  • do not have a rep
  • your rep cannot help
  • you cannot find the information on the website
  • require more guidance

Contact the NEU Adviceline either by completing this online form or by telephone on 0345 811 8111.

You will need to quote your membership number.

Before you call, make some brief notes for yourself so the advisor can identify the area of concern and give you the relevant advice as quickly as possible.

AdviceLine opening times are:

  • Monday to Friday 9 am – 7 pm.

The busiest periods are:

  • Mondays
  • 10 am – 11 am and 12 pm – 1 pm other days

It is best to avoid calling during these times, if possible.

Step 4: Contact the district office direct

You can email the District secretary, Alex Kenny, at

What if the issue affects several members?

Often what can feel like an individual issue is actually of concern to many others.

Call a meeting of NEU members in the school to talk about the issue.

Contact us.  We are happy to advise you over the phone or come in to school to talk to members.

How can I update my membership details?

You can access all your details via the MyNEU page on the website.

Use this QR code to access via your mobile phone:

More details can be found here.

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