Curriculum resources: anti-sexism

The NEU is committed to tackling sexism, gender sterotypes and misogyny. and decolonising the curriculum.

This page is dedicated to resources which challenge these things. We have themed resources by phase. There is also a section for NEU members which may be useful in keeping you informed or as a source for the development of other resources.

We will use this page to host links to resources for educators to use in schools. These are resources that have been recommended to us by our members or produced by them. Please use your professional judgement to adapt any resources to suit your classes and the context in which you teach.


Letterbox Library – an online bookshop that “specialises in books in which all children can see themselves and which reflect themselves and which reflect our world community in all of its diversity.

Sexism – it’s just everywhere NEU & UK Feminista

International Women’s Day resources

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

The Mighty Girl

Global issues affecting women and girls


Breaking the Mould


Breaking the Mould

Secondary & FE

The Equal Pay Act

The Right to Vote

FiLiA Podcasts amplifying the voices of women around the world

East End Women’s Museum

The Chain makers – the story of how women chain makers went on strike in 1911 and won the first minimum wage

NEU Members

General Advice

Pregnancy & Maternity

Sex Discrimination

Sexual Harassment

Working through the Menopause

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