Curriculum resources: decolonising the curriculum

The NEU is committed to tackling racism and decolonising the curriculum. We have written to the Government with 5 actions to tackle racism. These are the action points which relate the curriculum:

  • Review the curriculum to ensure it embraces the fact that Britain is rooted in Black and global history, achievement and culture and includes the achievements of Black Britons; as recommended by the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry.
  • Learn from the Windrush Review and develop a plan to teach about the history of the UK and its relationship to the rest of the world – including Britain’s colonial history and the history of migration.

This page is dedicated to resources aimed at decolonising the curriculum. We have a separate page for resources which challenge racism. There may be some overlap.

We will use this page to host links to resources for educators to use in schools. These are resources that have been recommended to us by our members or produced by them. Please use your professional judgement to adapt any resources to suit your classes and the context in which you teach.

Refugees & Migrants

Welcoming refugee children to your school

  • Refugee voices videos – A series of inspiring short film clips in which refugee children and young people talk about their experiences of coming to a school in the UK, with staff training notes for use with the clips
  • Welcoming refugee children to your school guide 

Should Paddington be allowed to stay in the UK?

Our Migration Story


Guidance on discussing conflicts the Middle East is based on previous NUT guidance and will soon be updated by the NEU.

A Little Piece of Ground by Elizabeth Laird  (KS2 & KS3)

Beyond the Wall films made by NUT

For more information and guidance on Palestine click here.


Embrace race 20 picture books for 2020


Embrace race 20 picture books for 2020

Secondary & FE

Embrace race 20 picture books for 2020


The lies we tell (to be uploaded)


A Level Coursework Enquiry: Was there more continuity than change in British-Jamaican relations between 1760 and 1870

Our Migration StoryOpens a new window


Advanced Mathematics Support Programme resources including:

NEU Members


The Empire Windrush

Windrush – the forgotten workers

Reading Lists

One teacher’s reading list

Black Books matter reading list


Windrush – the forgotten workers

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