Curriculum Resources: Disability

Disability History Month 2021 Online Launch Event

7.00 pm Thursday 18th November

Flyer for Disability History Month 2021 shows building and person to illustrate joint themes of hidden impairments and relationship/sex

Speakers for launch event so far                                                   

Daniel Kebede NEU President

Janine Booth RMT/LANDG

Penny Pepper  

Marsha De Cordova MP

Richard Rieser, Coordinator UKDHM

Resources to support work around themes will go up on website up to 18th November

DHM 2020 Access resources

DHM 2019 Leadership, Resistance & Culture resources

DHM 2018 Disability and Music

For more resources on a range of other DHM themes, click here

NEU Disability Resources

The NEU is committed to promoting disability inclusion in our workplaces and communities.

At NEU Conference 2021, delegates agreed to

  • Develop and promote resources  to support schools to develop diverse, inclusive learning opportunities for learners which are embedded across the curriculum.   
  • Campaign for a diverse, inclusive curriculum which meets the needs of all students and young people, such actions could include organised mass lobbying of MPs. 
  • Continue to campaign to challenge the systems of accountability and assessment which prevent educators from meeting the needs of the young people they teach

This page is dedicated to resources which challenge stereotypes and prejudices about disability.

We will use this page to host links to resources for educators to use in schools. These are resources that have been recommended to us by our members or produced by them.

Please use your professional judgement to adapt any resources to suit your classes and the context in which you teach.

NEU Resources

For links to a range of resources related to disability click here.


UK Disability History Month resources


The Full Story: Promoting inclusion through reading

The Full Story: Exploring the Social Model

The Full Story: Story books for young people

The Full Story: chapter books and non-fiction

Secondary & FE

Acceptance, Tolerance, Respect: Alison & Parys Lapper (KS5 but could be suitable/adapted for other years)


Teachers notes

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