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The NEU is committed to challenging discrimination on the grounds of gender and sexual orientation, and to campaigning on behalf of its members to ensure they are being treated equally. We work to influence policies at school, local and national levels relating to both working conditions and rights for our members and for the young people we work with. We work with other unions and organisations who share our aims.

Please see our LGBT+ Equality page for more information about the support and opportunities the Union offers.

At NEU Conference 2020, the following speficic actions relating to LGBT+ issues were agreed for the whole union:

  • Develop and promote resources  to support schools to develop diverse, inclusive learning opportunities for learners embedded across curriculum.   
  • Provide compulsory training for staff and officers undertaking casework on equality and discrimination.
  • Campaign for a diverse, inclusive curriculum which meets needs of all students/young people, including organised mass lobbying of MPs. 
  • Produce informative materials for educators, parents, public which put strong case for age-appropriate LGBT+ inclusive education and RSE 
  • Offer full support to Union members and their students who face protests against age-appropriate RSE.
  • Campaign against those aspects of new PSHE guidelines that restrict open debate/discussion on authoritarian/politically narrow grounds;  produce guidance 
  • Campaign for appropriate recognition of non-binary people
  • Challenge transphobia & support trans and non-binary identities. 
  • Ensure the guidance produced on transitioning, transphobia and supporting trans students is available in hard copy & highlighted in communications

We are working to try and implement as many of these actions in Tower Hamlets and the City.


This page is dedicated to hosting resources which educate and celebrate.

It is a work in progress.

We will theme resources by phase. There is also a section for NEU members which may be useful in keeping you informed or as a source for the development of other resources.

We will use this page to host links to resources for educators to use in schools. These are resources that have been recommended to us by our members or produced by them. Please use your professional judgement to adapt any resources to suit your classes and the context in which you teach.

LGBT+ History Month

This event takes place annually in February to highlight issues relating to LGBT+ people and to education and inform.

You can find out what is planned for this year here

Other Resources

Schools Out

LGBT History Archive

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