General Members Meetings


We hold 10 General Members meetings a year to which all members are welcome.

For the foreseeable future, these meetings will be held on-line via Zoom. Our meetings help us to ensure that we are all fully informed about what is going on in workplaces and in the community and so that the District can identify and provide the necessary guidance and support for members.

Refreshments and a creche are provided for any General Members meetings which are held in person.

Dates for District meetings 2020/21

All meetings will start at 5pm and end by 6.30pm.


Monday 26th April

Monday 24th May

Monday 21st June


These meetings are for the committee members of Tower Hamlets & the City NEU.

Contact if you are interested in joining the committee.

Monday 12th April

Monday 10th May

Monday 7th June

Many school groups are also using zoom to organise union meetings with their members to minimise contact while in school.

You can download a guide to running a zoom meeting here: User Guide for Zoom

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