This is very much in the news at the moment as the government are discussing changes to legislation to make this a compulsory part of primary and secondary education.
You may have seen stories in the news about parents in Birmingham and Manchester protesting about the content of Sex and Relationships Education in schools.
We have heard that there may be similar protests planned in Tower Hamlets. We don’t have any details but we want to be in a position to work with schools and the local community to diffuse any tension and resolve any misunderstandings. If you do hear of anything please do let us know.


section 28

The NEU is committed to challenging discrimination on the grounds of gender and sexual orientation, and to campaigning on behalf of its members to ensure they are being treated equally. We work to influence policies at school, local and national levels relating to both working conditions and rights for our members and for the young people we work with. We work with other unions and organisations who share our aims.

Tower Hamlets and The City district is keen to increase the involvement and activity of LGBT members in the work of the Union. If you would like to be more involved or require some advice or information, please contact us via email

LGBT Equality in Education – Advice for members and reps

NUT LGBT resources and information

NUT Advice on discrimination and harassment

Advice on supporting transgender students and teachers

Why Trans teachers matter

Transitioning at work toolkit for teachers

ELTA Equalities Officer: Neptali Palmer

National Executive Member for LGBT members: Annette Pryce


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You can also contact the NEU Advice Line 0345 811 8111 or  here

LGBTQ+ History Month

This event takes place annually to highlight issues relating to LGBTQ+ people and to education and inform.

You can find out what is planned for this year here:

LGBT History Month

NUT LGBT History Month

Other Resources

Schools Out


LGBT History Archive

London NEU LGBT Network

The London NEU LGBTQ+ Network is open to all NEU members working in London.

The aim of the network is to:

  • Increase the voice of LGBTQ+ members on issues in the union
  • Strengthen the debate using their influence
  • Make education the best for teachers and pupils in London
  • Enhance LGBTQ++ teachers professionally and personally
  • Create social and networking opportunities

For more details contact:

You can find the network on Facebook

NEU LGBT+ Conference

This is an annual event that allows the Union’s LGBTQ+ members to discuss and address issues of concern. The Conference plays an integral role in ensuring that the Union’s work is in the interest of its LGBTQ+ members and students in schools.

You can find out more about the Conference here.

If you are interested in attending, please contact

TUC LGBT Workers

The TUC campaigns for equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people at work and in society. An annual national conference for lesbian and gay trade unionists was established in 1998 (bisexual and transgender rights were included shortly after). The conference elects a committee to advise the TUC on LGBT issues.

You can read more about the TUC’s LGBT work here

NUT Prevalence of Homophobia Survey

The repeal of Section 28 in 2003 and the introduction of the Equality Act in
2010 were both positive steps towards promoting equality and tackling prejudice in our schools. Unfortunately, homophobia is still commonplace in educational institutions and teachers have an important role to play in helping to change attitudes and stamp out the bullying which is a sad fact of life for many LGBT students.

The NUT Prevalence of Homophobia Survey began in 2008, following a Teacher Support Network/Times Education Supplement survey of teachers in 2006 and the Stonewall School Report in 2007.

Results of the survey results can be found on the Schools OUT website

All of the surveys have shown that:

  • Homophobic behaviour is commonplace
  • Teachers can be targets as well as students
  • There is a significant demand for whole school training to deal with it

You can find out more LGBTQ+ issues, events and action here