NEU Annual Conference

Annual Conference is the Annual General Meeting of the Union. Usually, every Easter holiday break, over 1000 delegates from associations all over England and Wales come together to debate motions which seek to direct the work of the Union for the coming year.

Conference was held on line in 2020 and 2021 due to Coronavirus restrictions.

Conference 2022

The dates for Conference 2022 are Sunday 10th April until Thursday 14th April.

If you are interested in attending as a delegate, please contact

You can read the motions passed by Special Conference 2021 here.


  • Every association can nominate six motions and this is done during the autumn term. There are more motions submitted than can be debated during the time allocated for Conference so all properly nominated motions are then circulated as a booklet to associations for ‘prioritisation’.
  • Each association can prioritise six motions. These do not have to be the same as the ones they nominated originally.

Amendments to motions

  • Once the prioritisation process is complete, motions that have successfully made it through are recirculated so that associations can make amendments. This is done to refine or amend motions or to ensure they are relevant and current.

Final Agenda

  • About 30 motions make it on to the Conference agenda.
  • Of these, around 17 are usually debated.
  • Motions are divided up into timed sections to ensure good coverage of key phases and issues.

Would you like to attend NEU Conference?

We are always keen to encourage members to attend Conference. Accommodation, meals and travel are paid for and there is an excellent creche.

If you would like to come to NEU conference next year, please contact

Photos of  Tower Hamlets & the City delegates at NEU Conference 2019

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