NEU Equality Conferences

There are three annual conferences for

These conferences meet annually and agree a motion which is sent forward to NEU National Conference. For more details of these conferences please email

These three groups also have their own Reserved Place National Executive Member. This is because members of these groups are in a minority in the Union and they are under-represented.

These are the current seatholders:

Black Members: Daniel Kebede.

You can contact Daniel direct at

Disabled Members: Colleen Johnson

You can contact Colleen direct at

LGBT+ Members: Annette Pryce

You can contact Annette direct at


3f678c73-4adf-418c-a731-7b6521e9f675Women make up 76% of the Union and although they are still underrepresented, they are not a minority group.

The strategy of the Union has therefore been to increase the engagement of women at all levels of the union through a holistic approach to training, membership, activism, membership on delegations and action.

There is no single reserved Executive seat for women. Instead, there is a rule that the National Executive must be made up of at least 50% female representatives.

There were plans to hold a national women’s conference in 2020 but Covid-19 means that all such conferences are unlikely to take place in person this year.



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