Pay progression 2020

Staff should expect to progress up the pay scale without impediment in September 2020 unless concerns were raised before lockdown. Where concerns were raised, staff should receive an appraisal during the first term to enable a decision to be made on progression for that member of staff.

New pay scales have been published incorporating the teacher pay award for September 2020. Reps should ask their head to confirm that these will be implemented for all teaching staff. Reps should also confirm that all eligible teachers will be awarded pay progression for September. No member of staff should be penalised if they have been unable to complete their appraisal.

Support staff received a 2.75% pay increase in April as part of the local government pay award.

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New pay scales for teachers

Following the announcement of the teacher pay award for 2020 new pay scales have been published. The attached document shows the new scales for Main Scale and Upper Scale, with their monthly equivalent. These have been agreed by LBTH and Reps should ask their head to confirm that they will be implemented in your school.

We also want to ensure that all eligible staff are awarded pay progression for 2020.

Download a copy of the LBTH 2020 Pay scales here: LBTH_2020_pay scales(1)

Pay progression for all staff now depends on appraisal outcomes and criteria set by schools.

Being aware of how the pay progression system works, and taking action to challenge pay policies collectively or appeal decisions individually, essential to help protect teachers’ pay.

Pay in Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets and the City has negotiated a borough wide pay policy for teaching staff which we strongly urge school union groups to get adopted by the school governing body. Most of our casework related to pay is generated in schools where this policy has not been adopted.

TH Model Pay Policy for schools 2020

Teaching staff

1. Pay Progression

If you are on any point below M6 or on U1 or U2, the school must review your pay and make a decision about whether to move you to the next point. You should be informed about this decision in writing by October 31st. Please note that you do not need to “apply” to make pay progression if you are on any of these points

2. Applying to move onto the Upper Pay Spine (U1)

If you have applied to move to the Upper Pay Spine the school should review your application as part of the Appraisal Review and inform you of the decision. In order to move onto the Upper Pay Spine a teacher must demonstrate that they have met the Upper Pay Range criteria – these are available in your school and it is important that your Appraisal objectives give you the opportunity to address these in the year in which you intend to make an application.

3. Decisions on progression

All decisions on progression and moving onto UPS must be based on the outcome of Appraisal Reviews for the previous year (for applications to move to U1 it is the previous two years). If your Appraisal Review is successful you should expect to move up the pay scale.The LBTH pay policy makes clear that teachers should expect pay progression unless concerns have been raised during the course of the year and the teacher given opportunities to address them.

4. Decisions on non-progression

Schools can decide that a teacher should not progress following an unsuccessful review.

However, the LBTH policy makes clear that a “no surprises” principle should apply, which means that any teacher at risk of not progressing should have been alerted that this was possibility in good time for them to address any concerns that were arising. Where a school decides not to award pay progression they must inform the teacher concerned in writing, setting out the reasons for the decision and their right to appeal.

What if I am not awarded progression?

If you are not awarded progression you are entitled to appeal against the decision. Appeals can be made on a number of grounds and we can advise on this. Whether you decide to appeal or not you should make sure that the school is supporting you in addressing any areas of concern that lead to the decision so that you can be successful next time.

If your school has a different pay policy, talk to members about getting the Tower Hamlets pay policy adopted. This is the best way to ensure everyone is getting paid fairly. Please contact us for advice on how to do this.

The NEU will be launching new materials to campaign for fair pay soon and we will update this page when the materials are available.

7th September 2020