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NEU Coronavirus update 12th January 2021

NEU DISTRICT MEETING Monday 25th January 5:30pm via Zoom Register here From the reports we have received so far, including our meeting on Friday, it seems that schools in Tower Hamlets are generally taking a cautious approach and are not overwhelmed with large numbers… Continue Reading “NEU Coronavirus update 12th January 2021”

Blended & Remote Learning Guidance January 2021

This post is taken from the email sent by Mary Bousted and Kevin Courtney to members on 7th January 2021. It includes links to: guidance on blended learning, remote teaching and issues around live-streaming lessons overarching principles for blended and remote learning useful resources… Continue Reading “Blended & Remote Learning Guidance January 2021”

Coronavirus update 6th January 2021

The Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday totally vindicated the NEU. After days of denying it, the government finally admitted that we were right and that schools needed to move to remote learning in order to reduce levels of infection of the new virus. The… Continue Reading “Coronavirus update 6th January 2021”

NHS Test and Trace App

A small number of schools have told staff to turn the NHS app off the whole time when they are in schools. This is wrong – Department for Education guidance is clear: pausing contact tracing in schools is only recommended in 3 situations: when… Continue Reading “NHS Test and Trace App”

Update: 18th November

With the Covid case rate continuing to rise in Tower Hamlets – now at 257 cases per 100,000 – we know that things are becoming more difficult in schools. Sadiq Khan was absolutely right when he described school staff as heroes for going “above… Continue Reading “Update: 18th November”

Coronavirus: what you need to know about pregnancy and maternity

This advice is taken from the national NEU website where you will find a range of resources to support and advise you. Download the NEU Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts poster: Pregnant women, women on maternity leave and mothers who are breastfeeding have specific protections… Continue Reading “Coronavirus: what you need to know about pregnancy and maternity”

Covid-19 Map for schools and colleges

As part of our campaign to keep our schools and communities safe, the NEU has launched a new website. http://www.schoolcovidmap.org.uk will include accurate, up-to-date information about the Covid-19 rate in areas around schools and colleges. Click here to check the coronavirus rate in your… Continue Reading “Covid-19 Map for schools and colleges”

Tower Hamlets NEU Update 8th September

TOWER HAMLETS NEU MEETING Monday 21st September 5:00pm via Zoom register here We hope the start of term has gone as well as could be expected. We are collecting reports from schools and, while there are good plans in place, there are some concerns… Continue Reading “Tower Hamlets NEU Update 8th September”

September 2020 Coronavirus Briefing

The start of the new school year sees us moving into uncharted territory, with schools and colleges opening for all students and the virus still out there. We have not been helped in our preparations by the government who have failed to give clear… Continue Reading “September 2020 Coronavirus Briefing”

Thank you

TOWER HAMLETS ZOOM MEETING Friday 28th August 4:00pm Register here We are almost at the end of perhaps the strangest year I have known in my time as local union officer. It was a year which started off in familiar manner with a focus… Continue Reading “Thank you”