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Coronavirus Update 8th June 2020

With many schools across the country, and in Tower Hamlets delaying plans to reopen, the NEU is continuing to make the case to the government that wider reopening of schools should be delayed until the number of cases is much lower and a robust… Continue Reading “Coronavirus Update 8th June 2020”

Supporting pupils to return to school safely: statement from Mayor John Biggs

The Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, today made a statement on the wider reopening of schools in the borough. These paragraphs show that the Council is listening to concerns of staff, parents, carers and other members of our community in relation to opening… Continue Reading “Supporting pupils to return to school safely: statement from Mayor John Biggs”

Coronavirus FAQs

This briefing answers some of the most frequently asked questions from NEU members – for full details of our advice and to download the checklist please visit http://www.neu.org.uk/coronvirus – if you have any concerns talk to your NEU Rep or contact your local office.… Continue Reading “Coronavirus FAQs”

Coronavirus Update 1st June 2020

As you know, the NEU is continuing to recommend that schools delay plans for wider reopening until at least June 15th, a position that is supported by recent comments from government scientific advisers. In Tower Hamlets a small number of schools are admitting larger… Continue Reading “Coronavirus Update 1st June 2020”

Joint NEU Unison letter to Mayor John Biggs

We have just sent the email below to John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets. Please consider emailing him yourself at mayor@towerHamlets.gov.uk Please do encourage members to sign up for our Zoom call on Monday at 5pm – we have 200 registered already Dear John,… Continue Reading “Joint NEU Unison letter to Mayor John Biggs”

Coronavirus Update: 3rd April 2020

Today would have been the last day of term in Tower Hamlets schools and we hope that you and other colleagues will be able to get some well earned rest. The last two weeks have been incredibly challenging for school staff and we know… Continue Reading “Coronavirus Update: 3rd April 2020”

Coronavirus Update: NEU letter to Boris Johnson 17th March 2020

The National Education Union has written to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, calling for the Government to close schools and colleges and protect vulnerable educators or those caring for at risk family members. We are also calling on the Government to fund and plan… Continue Reading “Coronavirus Update: NEU letter to Boris Johnson 17th March 2020”