How to organise in your workplace

A strategy for school groups

The NEU uses the following rubric when developing a campaign, which can be used at school level:

  • Is the issue DEEPLY felt? (i.e. do members feel very strongly about it?)
  • Is the issue WIDELY felt? (i.e do the majority of members feel strongly about it?)
  • Can we identify a RESOLUTION? (i.e do members know what they would like to see as a resolution?)
  • Do we know WHO can solve the problem? (i.e who are who going to ask to resolve this issue?)
Step by step
  1. Members meeting
  • Call a meeting for members – try to find a time when most people can make it.
  • Make sure members know the reason for the meeting and that you will be looking for outcomes.
  • Go through any guidance or advice from the NEU on the issue
  • Identify which, if any, of these are most widely and deeply felt.
  • Identify what you want to ask for and how you are going to do this.
  • You could collectively write a letter to the headteacher, or ask to meet her/him, or both.
  1. Meeting with your head
  • After you have had your NEU meeting, arrange to meet your headteacher.
  • See if you can take another person with you.
  • Be prepared and make sure that the head understands that you are representing the views of members.
  • Report on the discussion and put the case for change to the headteacher.
  • Your head may not want to make an immediate decision so should ask them to think about what you have said and agree a time to meet again.
  1. Involving members
  • Once you have had a response from your head, you will need to report to members.
  • At the next meeting you will need to decide if you are happy with any response you have received.
  • If you are not happy you will need to decide what to do next.
  • If the matter is still being considered, how can you influence that discussion?
  • If your request has been refused you may want to contact your local NEU secretary and seek advice.
  • At this point you will need to determine how strongly members feel about this and if they would be willing to take industrial action to bring about the change they identified earlier.
  • At all times make sure that you are talking with members and representing their views.
  • Don’t try to do this all on your own, try to involve other NEU members in taking on some of the work that will be needed.
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